Glenn 2.0

The real Glenn

I have been many things. I am now many different things.

Then Now Since
Total Carnivore Vegan January 2016
Creationist/anti-intellectual Science devotee 2000
free-market capitalist leaning anarcho-syndicalist Reading Chomsky (2006)
Voted straight-ticket Republican vote Democrat but anarchist-friendly 2008
Fundamentalist Christian Atheist 2003
Denied man-made climate change We've killed the planet 2005
We've killed the planet A lot more skeptical these days 2019

Most Recent Posts

  1. Giving up on IndieWeb - Again! notes

    I have a long, tortured history with the IndieWeb. It's like social media - each time I think I'm over it I rage-quit and then I later return. I forget all the bad things and remember only the good and I tell myself this time it will be different. In other words, I never...READ MORE

  2. Reconnected with notes

    Finished with the basic migration to eleventy and adding Indieweb microformats and webmentions. I think I have all this working now. Time to connect back to and test it out!READ MORE

  3. Built with Eleventy Eleventy Netlify

    I'll write up the details later, but this site is now being created/parsed/compiled, etc. using Eleventy. I'm still pushing it to GitHub, and Netlify is grabbing it and serving it. That part's the same. Just different under the hood. Also a new design/theme, and redoing...READ MORE

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