Any reason I should not go ahead and upgrade to Flickr Pro? I’m about to push the 1,000 photo limit in the next few weeks, and I have a few thousand more to transfer from what will become my ‘personal’ photos over to my travel blog photos.

After that, I need to transfer the rest of my photos and videos up to one or the other of these accounts. After culling, will probably still be over 200GB

Kanban NOT on my own PC


So my previous post was pretty positive. And then I tried to consolidate users and locked myself out.

So I spent a lot of time installing a postgresql editor and trying out different password changes. None of them worked. So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it. But the install script kept finding something that made it think it was already installed, so it just stopped.

HOURS. I lost hours. I finally gave up and uninstalled everyscrap of PostgreSQL I could find, and my restyaboard files, and just went back to Trello. Yeah, not on my own server, I get it. But there’s a limit to my patience, and I won’t get those hours back either.

Kanban on my own PC


Decided I wanted to ‘own my data’ when it came to projects. Needed to replicate Trello.

1 – installed Wekan. Easy peasy. Snap install. Imported Trello boards. All good.
2 – installed Restyaboard. Install script. Had to make a few decisions that I wasn’t sure about. Took 10-15 minutes. Imported Trello boards. All good.

There is really only one reason I’m going to go with Restyaboard. It may seem silly, but it’s the background images. Unavailable in Wekan.

Get it here!

Python grumblings

Installing a Python app is kinda like if you had to install the entire XCode dev environment just to run an app on your iPhone. To me, Python is just one step above Java, barely. I’ll use anything else if available…

So what do i have to do to see older posts on the timeline? Will it always be limited like the Discovery section?

packed and waiting three hours before taxi which will get us to airport three hours before our flight. So twiddling my thumbs at 11:30 for a 6:30 flight. Oh well – beats being the last one on the plane and *those* evil stares…

redid my code snippets page by installing an old WordPress markdown plugin – My main concern was avoiding shortcodes. I like the result.

Code Snippets