Python grumblings

Installing a Python app is kinda like if you had to install the entire XCode dev environment just to run an app on your iPhone. To me, Python is just one step above Java, barely. I’ll use anything else if available…

So what do i have to do to see older posts on the timeline? Will it always be limited like the Discovery section?

packed and waiting three hours before taxi which will get us to airport three hours before our flight. So twiddling my thumbs at 11:30 for a 6:30 flight. Oh well – beats being the last one on the plane and *those* evil stares…

redid my code snippets page by installing an old WordPress markdown plugin – My main concern was avoiding shortcodes. I like the result.

Code Snippets


So – to conclude this little bit of testing, if you post a photo from the Sunlit app to your WordPress site, and include a description piece of text, it will post to as a link. If you leave off the description, it just shows up as an embedded photo. Good to know!

well then. So the Sunlit app posts stories to my default post-kind (which is set to notes) not to the pics kind. OwnYourGram imports from Instagram into pics. That’s the preferred setup. Unfortunately OwnYourGram isn’t functioning (that I can tell) or operates on an extreme delay. Sunlit works immediately, just not as an Instagram replacement exactly.

Bottom line – just need to rethink a bit. :\

just a quick test of WordPress 4.9.8 and post-kinds…