Just a quick note to my new ‘community’ on micro.blog – my feed might make it seem like I spent the last several months doing nothing but making posts about books I’ve read. In fact, I just imported my GoodReads into WordPress in draft status. The post dates were all matched to the date I originally finished the books, but when I set them all to ‘published’ WordPress decided that the dates should be reset to the day I published them. And the dates aren’t available for recovery in the revisions. Eventually I’ll hopefully find a way to fix that, but in the meantime my original actual articles etc. have been pushed about 130 posts back in the timeline. So that’s what’s going on, just FYI. 🙂

So I was scrolling through the micro.blog ‘discover’ timeline and clicked ‘favorite’ on something and it just accepted it. I didn’t have to jump through any weird 7-step authentication/approval steps. It just worked!

So I’m in. Yes, I’m also easy…

So there’s this micro.blog thing out there and supposedly I can use it with my site for free, since I already have a site but having someone actually see my content would be nice. So hey, let’s see how this goes…

Update From Mexico


### Just an update from our new home

Just a quick update, and a timestamp marker — for when I look back and wonder “Hey, when did we move back to Mexico exactly?”

So the blog has been offline here and there recently. The first time was after we packed everything to get ready for the flight to Mexico. And then the flight, which was scheduled on the last day of our apartment lease, was cancelled. So we stayed with a friend for a couple of nights. Then we flew to Mexico and stayed in a hotel for a couple of days. Then we moved into a rental home. I was finally able to unpack and install my Raspberry Pi again, and that’s where this blog lives.

Then we moved again. The first house wasn’t quite as nice as we had hoped and we got *very* lucky with a tip from a friend and were able to snatch a much nicer house for a long-term lease. Basically the landlord started us off with a never-ending month-by-month lease. We had hoped to save more money on our lease here, but this area (Ajijic, on the shore of Lake Chapala) has seen an increasing influx of expats like ourselves over the last several years. Rentals and home prices have risen dramatically. But while our rent is about what we paid in Austin, Texas, all other costs, utilities, groceries, eating out, etc. are all much lower. Plus we probably tripled our space, got off of the third floor, added an amazing lake and mountain view, have a nice courtyard garden and the rent includes a weekly visit from a maid and a gardener (her husband). So really, what’s not to like?

Now that we have unpacked and settled in, the Raspberry Pi is reconnected and the blog is back up. Unfortunately, I can’t stop tinkering so I’m toying with the idea of moving this blog and possibly my current tools for reading news and collecting things to ‘read later’ over to a wiki system, probably TiddlyWiki. We’ll see how that goes.