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Losing My Faith In Science

(This is the first in a series of posts about losing my faith in science)

Before I lost my faith in science, I lost my faith in the religion of my childhood, fundamentalist christianity.

Fundamentalists, in my case the Southern Baptist variety, were generally anti-intellectual and anti-science. When anything or anyone contradicted the words in the Bible, you sided with the Bible. My childhood was a world of talking snakes and donkeys, seven-day creations, a young earth, miracles and lots of prohibitions. Unlike a lot of other people who managed to reason their way out of the fog of religion at an early age, I remained firmly brainwashed until I was forty years old. You can read more about my deconversion process here.

Geology and math helped in the process, and part of my recovery involved lots of helpful science books by authors like Carl Sagan. Along the way I gained a great appreciation for the scientific process and science in general. I was able to finally understand evolution and the age of the universe and many other things.

More recently science has been running into problems. Some is political, some comes from the Journal system of 'publish or die' and the flawed peer review process, plus the replication crisis. In this series I want to document my discovery of these issues and how they have affected my trust in science.

This should serve as a placemarker and Table of Contents. I will add links and revise as needed.

1 Introduction (this post)
2 Speculative Extinctions
3 Sea Levels
4 Coral Reefs
5 Temperatures
6 Consensus is not Science
7 The Replication Crisis
8 Apocalypse Mirage
9 Openly Polarized
10 Post-truth Science

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    The first seeds of doubt in the 'consensus' view on climate change came about in a rather roundabout way. First, I was reading about yet another dire astronomical number of extinctions that were already under way both now and in the near future (caused, at least in part, by...READ MORE

  2. Sea Levels science

    Depending on which coast you look at, the longest-running tide gauges all show the same story - 2-3mm/year or 11 inches per century of sea level rise. This doesn't change even when you take rising and falling ground levels into account, or GPS being added to the tide gauge...READ MORE

  3. Coral Reefs science

    They regularly go through bleaching episodes, generally tied to ENSO events. For years each one of these bleaching events were immediately tied to climate change. The reefs have been predicted to die off permanently for decades now. One recent study that went so far as to project...READ MORE

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