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My last distro hop ever!

I know - I shouldn't say silly things like that. But really, I'm getting close to setting a record here.

Again, the reasons for changing distros eludes me. Something about Lubuntu became problematic, but I don't remember what. I think I even switched to regular Ubuntu for awhile, but eventually landed on Linux Mint 19. I'm now using that on both laptop and desktop. And when I got my new desktop box (a little Zotac Zbox) I moved the drive over and even it just worked, no futzing around with drivers at all!

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  1. Speculative Extinctions science extinction

    The first seeds of doubt in the 'consensus' view on climate change came about in a rather roundabout way. First, I was reading about yet another dire astronomical number of extinctions that were already under way both now and in the near future (caused, at least in part, by...READ MORE

  2. Sea Levels science

    Depending on which coast you look at, the longest-running tide gauges all show the same story - 2-3mm/year or 11 inches per century of sea level rise. This doesn't change even when you take rising and falling ground levels into account, or GPS being added to the tide gauge...READ MORE

  3. Coral Reefs science

    They regularly go through bleaching episodes, generally tied to ENSO events. For years each one of these bleaching events were immediately tied to climate change. The reefs have been predicted to die off permanently for decades now. One recent study that went so far as to project...READ MORE

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