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How to Import Your GoodReads List Into WordPress, for free

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Here are the steps I took in order to get all of my GoodReads books/reviews over into my IndieWeb-ified Wordpress:


After import you'll need to add some PHP and CSS to display the new custom fields, most likely inside the_loop - where this is will depend on your theme. For Twenty Seventeen I did the officially recommended child theme and am inserting my code there under Template Parts > Post > content.php - here is my code, just to give you an example. This php statement pulls in the number of pages, which is one of the columns I imported:

$pages = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'pages', true);

Your pages will now be assigned to the '$pages' variable, which you can use to display that number like this:

if ($pages) { ?>
<p class="book-meta">Pages: <? echo $pages; ?></p>
<?php } 
// do nothing; } 

One thing that does not get imported from GoodReads is book cover images. However, if you have the isbn or isbn13 number, I found a way to hotlink to book cover images using Open Library. They are specifically set up for just that purpose. Here is my code to assign the isbn to a variable:

$isbn13 = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'isbn13', true);

And here is how to structure the html to display a medium-sized book cover image:

if ($isbn13) { ?>
<a href="<?php echo $isbn13; ?>
"><img align="right" src="
<?php echo $isbn13; ?>-M.jpg"></a>
else { 
// do nothing; 

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