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Manjaro – Too much work

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A couple of months ago I got frustrated at something with whatever version of Ubuntu (probably KDE) I was using and then I got the bright idea to switch distros. I tried 4-5 different varieties, but I mainly want to write about Manjaro.

For the most part I was able to get things working the way I wanted, eventually, but not everything. And some things never worked. I generally used various community editions (not the official editions) as I was already familiar with KDE/Gnome and wanted to avoid some of their quirks.

Things that took a lot of extra research/work:

Some of those were specific to the Manjaro Deepin community edition, others to the Manjaro Openbox edition, which I think is also a community edition. Some may be inherent in any Arch-based system. For every one of these issues I had to search Google and the manjaro forums, and then post a question to the forums. I don't have any way to recall all of the other issues I had that I was able to resolve by myself, but it was not an insignificant amount. Bottom line - I spent a lot of time futzing with the system just to get things to work right. Also, some of the forum users (or at least one or two in particular) seemed to think I was asking too many questions. Evidently they expect their users to do better at figuring these sorts of things out on their own. In response to my last question, it was implied that I was becoming a 'help vampire.'

I marked that one as the solution, because it made me realize just how many problems I was having just by using Manjaro. With other distros this wasn't an issue.

So I switched over to Lubuntu 18.10 and installed and rebooted. I did the initial setup of my bluetooth keyboard and HDMI resolution. Rebooted. No problems. Turned the TV/monitor off/on. No problems.

It just works.

Did the same w/ the laptop.

Yes, there are and will be odd things that have to be resolved here and there. That is the nature of computers. But at least I was able to leapfrog the basics. So - adios Manjaro.

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