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The Internet Brings Out the Worst In Us All

I generally like to play the 'curmudgeon' role. People who know me see past that, they know I'm a good person, easy to laugh, and that I generally have good intentions. But sometimes I feel like I identify with the 'grumpy person' identity a bit too much, especially online. My clear-eyed view of reality comes off as bitter cynicism. My sarcastic wit develops a mean-spirited edge. All of this is magnified by my lifelong struggle to know when to shut up.

It doesn't help that most of the world now has the ability to share their most private moments with billions of their fellow citizens with just a few taps of their fingers. Being that public changes you. Seeing everyone else's thoughts and lives changes you as well. It seems as if these changes are mostly negative.

Social media is the peak (I hope) of this magnification. I see not only my own 'friends' thoughts on everything under the sun, but also their 'friends' who comment on their thoughts. Throw in some politics (and who can resist that lately) and you have a billion opportunities each week to become outraged and to respond with righteous indignation. This also seems to be a negative thing.

Life is just too short for that, isn't it?

I recently returned from a self-imposed Facebook exile. I actually had no functioning Facebook account for two months. I signed back in (with a brand new profile) because we made some major life changes (moved back to the USA, bought an RV, started living in it full-time) so there was a lot of research to be done. Unfortunately Facebook Groups seems to be the new place for communities instead of old-skool forums.

So I'm back, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, dammit! LOL See? There I go again. Curmudgeon.

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