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Post-Truth Science

Grievance study authors laughing

Beyond replication are issues that go more to the heart of the entire basis of modern science: Peer review and the general state of research funding and the resulting built-in incentives to do whatever it takes to get published.

Multiple people have proven that completely non-sensical, fabricated studies can be submitted, peer-reviewed and published. The most recent involved the so-called 'grievance' journals:

Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship

Peter Boghossian - PSU Misconduct - Hoax Studies

sociocultural forms of glacier knowledge that go beyond science

Here is an example of an actual study they used as inspiration

Author of 'Feminist Glaciology' Study Reflects on Sudden Appearance in Culture Wars

The media often referred to this as 'Sokal squared' in reference to a previous famous hoax study:

Sokal Affair

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