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  1. Giving up on IndieWeb - Again! notes

    I have a long, tortured history with the IndieWeb. It's like social media - each time I think I'm over it I rage-quit and then I later return. I forget all the bad things and remember only the good and I tell myself this time it will be different. In other words, I never...READ MORE

  2. Reconnected with notes

    Finished with the basic migration to eleventy and adding Indieweb microformats and webmentions. I think I have all this working now. Time to connect back to and test it out!READ MORE

  3. That feeling when... notes go exploring other site generators to potentially replace your own, then you find one and get all excited and you explore the forums and then there it is - a post. From YOU. Back when you first tested out this SSG. Just TWO MONTHS ago. facepalmREAD MORE

  4. Back to the Apple ecosystem notes

    A few things are converging here. The main motivator here is shifting back into travel mode. The amount of time we spend traveling will be increasing for the foreseeable future. So I've been trying to simplify, both in life in general and in all things digital. Another motivator...READ MORE

  5. Hugo bookmarklets notes

    Just found this nice Hugo bookmarklets solution, including on mobile!READ MORE

  6. Webmentions Revisited notes

    During my recent WordPress to Hugo conversion (re-conversion?) the export/convert tools pulled in a TON of metadata. Some posts have things like this in the frontmatter: micropub_auth_response: -...READ MORE

  7. Built with Hugo notes Hugo Netlify

    And done! Now building w/ Hugo. Created on my laptop, pushed to GitHub, then auto-built and auto-updated from Netlify. Piece o' cake. Indieweb features have been added as well. Need to test that after the domain name propagates, etc.READ MORE

  8. Hugo and IndieWeb notes

    even though I have IndieWeb things basically working with this site, even after switching from WordPress to ClassicPress, I really want to switch the site to Hugo. And now I think I can do that while still keeping the IndieWeb things! Will take time, but looking forward to it,...READ MORE

  9. Flickr Pro notes

    Any reason I should not go ahead and upgrade to Flickr Pro? I'm about to push the 1,000 photo limit in the next few weeks, and I have a few thousand more to transfer from what will become my 'personal' photos over to my travel blog photos. After that, I need to transfer the rest...READ MORE

  10. Kanban NOT on my own PC notes

    So my previous post was pretty positive. And then I tried to consolidate users and locked myself out. So I spent a lot of time installing a postgresql editor and trying out different password changes. None of them worked. So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it. But the...READ MORE

  11. Kanban on my own PC notes

    Decided I wanted to 'own my data' when it came to projects. Needed to replicate Trello. 1 - installed Wekan. Easy peasy. Snap install. Imported Trello boards. All good. 2 - installed Restyaboard. Install script. Had to make a few decisions that I wasn't sure about. Took 10-15...READ MORE

  12. Lake’s up notes

    Lake’s upREAD MORE

  13. Python grumblings notes

    Installing a Python app is kinda like if you had to install the entire XCode dev environment just to run an app on your iPhone. To me, Python is just one step above Java, barely. I'll use anything else if available…READ MORE

  14. Code Snippets page notes

    It's odd how much I enjoy my code snippets page. Latest addition was various exiftool commands. Code SnippetsREAD MORE

  15. timeline question notes

    So what do i have to do to see older posts on the timeline? Will it always be limited like the Discovery section?READ MORE

  16. Why I Hate Passwordless Email-only Authentication notes

    I'm starting to get really irritated with email-only 'passwordless' authentication. I guess it says something about me that this comes up so frequently. Every time you change browsers, operating systems, apps -- you have to do it again. Sometimes you get to do it again because...READ MORE

  17. Headed back to the States notes

    packed and waiting three hours before taxi which will get us to airport three hours before our flight. So twiddling my thumbs at 11:30 for a 6:30 flight. Oh well - beats being the last one on the plane and *those* evil stares…READ MORE

  18. Lunch By the Lake notes


  19. Testing Sunlit with WordPress notes

    So - to conclude this little bit of testing, if you post a photo from the Sunlit app to your WordPress site, and include a description piece of text, it will post to as a link. If you leave off the description, it just shows up as an embedded photo. Good to know!READ MORE

  20. OwnYourGram and Sunlit notes

    well then. So the Sunlit app posts stories to my default post-kind (which is set to notes) not to the pics kind. OwnYourGram imports from Instagram into pics. That's the preferred setup. Unfortunately OwnYourGram isn't functioning (that I can tell) or operates on an extreme...READ MORE

  21. Today’s Sunrise notes

    Also testing Sunriselit app + WordPress (a great typo, though) hahaREAD MORE

  22. WordPress 4.9.8 post-kinds test notes

    just a quick test of WordPress 4.9.8 and post-kinds…READ MORE

  23. Historical Hello, World notes

    TIL - where the 'hello, world' thing came from"Hello,_World!"_program#HistoryREAD MORE

  24. search question notes

    So how do I search on Also, where do I find stats for active users? I recently ran into a profile which told me they followed over 16,000 people that I do NOT follow. That number seemed a bit high, so it made me curious… @manton @helpREAD MORE

  25. Updated my GoodReads+WordPress article notes

    revised/expanded my article on importing/displaying your GoodReads library on your own WordPress site: How to Import Your GoodReads List Into WordPress, for freeREAD MORE

  26. Fun with exiftool! notes

    So I'm moving some files from one Flickr account to another, and since there is no existing tool to do this directly, I have to download them and re-upload them. Unfortunately all the work I did adding titles and descriptions will be lost if I simply download the albums using...READ MORE

  27. odd behavior notes

    Seeing some odd behavior on - read timeline, click link, read whatever that is, click back button. I am not returned to the timeline, I am instead returned to my mentions. @mantonREAD MORE

  28. GoodReads import notes

    Just a quick note to my new 'community' on - my feed might make it seem like I spent the last several months doing nothing but making posts about books I've read. In fact, I just imported my GoodReads into WordPress in draft status. The post dates were all matched to...READ MORE

  29. favorites notes

    So I was scrolling through the 'discover' timeline and clicked 'favorite' on something and it just accepted it. I didn't have to jump through any weird 7-step authentication/approval steps. It just worked! So I'm in. Yes, I'm also easy…READ MORE

  30. test notes

    So there's this thing out there and supposedly I can use it with my site for free, since I already have a site but having someone actually see my content would be nice. So hey, let's see how this goes…READ MORE

  31. What I Want in a Blog notes

    Just throwing out some thoughts on what I really want in a blog: Cross-device accessibility - compose, read, and manage from any device Decentralized - Easy, lightweight setup on my own server, or Raspberry Pi Federated - this provides: Discoverability - my feed shows up...READ MORE

  32. Room With a View – Mexico Update notes

    We've been on the lookout for a better rental - something perhaps a little quieter, with a better view and, hopefully, less expensive. As it turns out, we managed to find all of those in the same place!READ MORE

  33. Update From Mexico notes

    ### Just an update from our new home Just a quick update, and a timestamp marker -- for when I look back and wonder "Hey, when did we move back to Mexico exactly?" So the blog has been offline here and there recently. The first time was after we packed everything to...READ MORE

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