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  1. And you thought it was about preventing spam… replies

    Those fuckers!READ MORE

  2. My kind of post replies

    I ran across this article when searching to see if the 'post kinds' plugin for WordPress allowed for a way to view posts by kind. And it does! While I was there, this post from Chris Aldrich kinda opened my eyes to the many cool things you can do with this. #IndieWeb !READ MORE

  3. IndieWeb Future replies

    Yes, THIS - this is the web experience I'm looking for. Full interaction without soul-sucking algo-timelines.READ MORE

  4. Why You Should Drop All .io Domains replies

    I read about the .io domain and the background atrocities several years ago, but was unaware of the Chagos support movement. Thank you for this, and yes, we should be more vocal in calling for all sites to abandon this profit center for imperialists…READ MORE

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