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Why I Hate Passwordless Email-only Authentication

I'm starting to get really irritated with email-only 'passwordless' authentication. I guess it says something about me that this comes up so frequently. Every time you change browsers, operating systems, apps -- you have to do it again. Sometimes you get to do it again because you waited too long to log back in!

Case in point - just had to recompile my linux kernel because the new laptop had a newer trackpad which lacked driver support. In the meantime I did not set up my email client because I had no mouse and it's a pain. Tried to sign on to - sent me an email - no way to check it! Gave up, used phone. I run into this email-only thing at least once a day, sometimes more. It is one of the main reasons I no longer use Medium.

The IndieWeb is moving in the right direction. I can log in with just a few clicks, even if I am using a friend's PC. No email, no 2FA (another rant for another day).


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